Changes made to Mirkwood

Updated 2/1/2 RPC definition on page 3 – 11/25/14

  • Slip next 3 stitches to cable needle and place at back of work, k2 from CN, slip 2 left-most stitches from CN to LH needle, move CN with remaining stitch to front of work, p1 from CN, then k2 from LH needle.

Updated 2/1/2 RPC definition on page 3. The definition change made on 11/25 was WRONG. See change below. – 12/06/14

  • Slip next 3 stitches to CN and place at back of work, K2 from LH needle, Slip Purl stitch from CN onto LH needle, move CN to back of work, Purl the purl stitch on LH needle, K2 from CN.

Updated Bobble definition on page 3 – 12/6/14 (change made shown in BOLD.)

  • In section between asterisks,  it should read “*pass second st on LH needle over first st* 4 times. 1 st left on RH needle. Turn. (1 Bobble complete)”