Giveaway Winner Announcement (and a FREE pattern for all of you!)

By May 29, 2015 40 Comments

The Giveaway is now over and a winner has been randomly selected……

Congratulations, “jvincin” (Jen)!!!

I’ve contacted you via your email address to gather more info from you so you can receive your Knitter’s Pride Needle Set and Knit Picks yarn right away!

Thanks so much for all of your awesome comments! I really enjoyed going through and reading all of them. It was difficult to respond to every one of them but I loved hearing all the projects that were your favorites and you helped me find new ones of my own.

Make sure to check back soon for more great giveaways and as always, new patterns that are on the horizon. Until then…for EVERYONE who entered this Giveaway, please accept one of my patterns on me! Just comment on this post which pattern you’d like before Monday June 1, 2015 and I’ll email it to you. OR, just let me know your Ravelry ID and I’ll send it straight to your Library. If you need a little help deciding, HERE is a list of all of my patterns.  🙂

Again, thanks for participating in the Giveaway and congratulations to the Winner…Jen! (“jvincin”)

xoxo ~Kalurah 

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  • gomergirl says:

    I hate that I missed this… I love your patterns and have a few. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Thank you so much for you generosity. Your patterns are beautiful. I would love the Bräcken Convertible Cloche. My username on Ravelry is LivOnMars.

  • Susie says:

    Thank you so much! I’d love a copy of Gilded, please. I’m SCole on Ravelry.

  • Doreen Savoie says:

    Thank you so much. So many beautiful patterns to choose from. I would like Mirkwwod please, it’s lovely. I’m TedEBayer on Ravelry.

  • Kelly says:

    How kind of you to give us each a pattern, thank you! After much deliberation I think I’d like your Indian Summer pattern, please. My Ravelry username is klamsc.

  • girliefriend says:

    I’d love Alpine Holiday. Thank you! girliefriend on Rav

  • Helen King says:

    Congrats to the winner! Thank you so much for giving us a free pattern! I love First Crush. My Ravelry name is: rheaume

  • vicki says:

    really like the First crush pattern

  • Lisa Page says:

    I’d love to knit your Alpine Holiday pattern. My Ravelry ID is YarnKnitLuv. ♥️ Thank you for providing us with lovely patterns and very fun giveaways.

  • Mary says:

    Wow, this is so nice of you! I would like the Beachcomber hat. I am cleomary on Ravelry. Thank you so much 🙂

  • Miriam Olsen says:

    Oh, my Ravelry user name is oneangelonly. Thank you again

  • Miriam Olsen says:

    I would love the Ardor pattern please. Thank you for your generosity!

  • Beverly says:

    Thank you for your lovely patterns. I would love to have The Fisherman’s Wife (Knit Version). I’m Knitsbythebook on Ravelry.

  • Christine says:

    This is awfully generous of you! It seems I’ve been collecting your patterns for awhile now and just noticed they are from YOU! so Fisherman’s Wife-Knit would be my desire and thank you!!
    Rav: QuimicaChica

  • Grete says:

    Thank you! I would like the Fisherman’s Wife (knitted version). I discovered the Desert Poppy entirely by accident (just happened to take up knitting again after a hiatus with a new baby), and really enjoyed that project, so I’m excited to try some more of your patterns! My username on Ravelry is greteanemone.

  • Jacquelyn says:

    Thank you so much for your generosity. I would love to have Through the Woods crochet version, please. I’m also on Ravelry, username is jnrdiza.

  • JoannaB says:

    Congratulations, Jen! Kalurah, you are so generous! And it is so hard to choose! I would love to received Through the Woods Fingerless Mitts! I’ve had my eye them for quite a while! I am JoannaB on Ravelry. Thanks again!

  • Jaedyn Smith says:

    Congratulations to Jen on her win!! And thank you so much for your generous giveaway (both the Knitters Pride set & this one now). I have been coveting your Frosted Pine hat pattern for months – I would love that one!! My Ravelry username is creationsonawhim. Thanks again!!

  • lis says:

    Congratulations, Jen! 🙂 Thanks so much for your generosity. I would love to have the Indian Summer. My username on Ravelry is 1ret 2vrang

  • Congrats Jen!

    I’d love to try the Knitted Through the Woods please!
    JessStress1701 on Ravelry

    Thanks a bunch!

    • Kalurah says:

      That’s the #1 Fan favorite and my personal fave too! Great choice. I sent it to your Rav library. Enjoy! 🙂

  • denise white says:

    Thank you for such a generous giveaway. I would love to try the beachcomber hat pattern please. Dgwhite on ravelry.

  • Katie Kehrig says:

    Wow, so generous! I would like the Trilsea’n pattern, please. I’m KatieK on ravelry. And thanks!

  • Linda says:

    It was hard to choose between Astrid and Gilded so I thought about which I’d wear more often so I chose Astrid as my free pattern. It has just enough shoulder cover to help keep me warm in the winter without getting in my way, Thank you very much.

  • andrea says:

    How incredibly generous of you! I would love The Woodcutter’s Daughter socks. My username on Ravelry is akika.

    • Kalurah says:

      I love that pattern! It has a special place in my heart. I sent the pattern to your Rav library. Enjoy! 🙂

  • Donna Legare says:

    Thanks so much for your generosity. I would love to have the Through the woods ..knit version.

  • I would LOVE to have the Ardor throw pattern!! Thank you! susan.coletta@hotmail.com

    • Kalurah says:

      That’s a great one for this time of year! I sent your free pattern to your email. Enjoy! 🙂

  • Congratulations, Jen! 🙂

    For my consolation prize, I would love a copy of Mirkwood. I have been eyeing that one for a long time. Thank you for your abundant generosity! My username on Ravelry is herzleid.

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