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Okay… So I’ve been bordering on OBSESSED with the latest trend of gorgeous Woven wool wall hangings. (wow, that’s a lot of W sounds!) If you look at my Pinterest Likes, you’ll see what I mean.


But there’s only one problem. And trust me, it’s not lack of wool. I don’t have a Blue’s Clue how to weave. It’s actually something I’ve been dying to try but it just keeps getting put on the back burner. I’ll get there eventually. Just….later. (Famous last words???)

But it got me to thinking. Hey, why can’t I just KNIT one? Yeah….why not? And it was stupid-easy. Here’s what you do… (Oh, and btw…I’ve also included a handy little pdf for you so you don’t have to scroll through this entire ginormous post every time you wanna make one. You’re welcome!)




Knitted Triangle:

Approx. 25 yards of Lion Brand Hometown USA (Honolulu Pink)

Size US #11 (8mm) needles


Make a slip knot.

(RS) Row 1: KFB. (2 stitches)

Row 2: KFB, knit to end. (1 stitch increased)

Row 3-25: Repeat row 2 until you have 26 stitches on your needle.

(WS) BO: KFB, pso, *K1, pso*, rep. to end of row, Break yarn and pull through remaining stitch.

Weave in ends.

Background Piece:

Size US #17 (12.75mm needles)

Approx. 25 yards of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick (Fisherman’s White)



CO 42.

(RS) Row 1: Sl1wyif, *sl1wyib, P1*, rep to last stitch, K1.

       Row 2: Sl1wyif, *sl1wyif, K1*, to last stitch, K1.

       Row 3: Rep. row 1.

       Row 4: Decrease- Sl1wyif, K3tog tbl, *K1, sl1wyif*, to last 4 stitches, K3tog tbl, K1.  (4 stitches decreased)

       Row 5-16: Rep. rows 1-4 three more times. You’ll have 26 stitches.

(RS) BO: Sl1wyif, *P1, pso*, to last 3 stitches, P2tog, pso, K1, pso. Break yarn and pull through remaining stitch.



Approx. 35 yards of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick (Fisherman’s White)

Measuring Tape

“L” (8mm) Crochet Hook




Cut 2 pieces of your Main Color yarn to 24″ long. (You’ll have 50 TOTAL pieces of 24″ long yarn for your entire Triangle fringe.)


Holding these 2 pieces together, you’ll insert your hook, from the back and grab the folded portion of these strands.

DSC_6547 DSC_6548 DSC_6549

Pull them through to the back of the triangle.


Yarn over your hook and pull all 4 yarn tails through the loop already on your hook.


Pull them all the way through.


Repeat this process with ALL 50 pieces of yarn. You’ll place 12 pieces of fringe on each side of the Triangle and 1 piece at the bottom. (25 total)

Below, I marked where abouts you need to insert your hook (from behind). I didn’t mark EVERY row for you, just a few. But basically, we’re placing the fringe between each garter “ridge”.


After all the fringe is attached, it should look like this. (Yes, yes…I know! I mistakenly left off 1 piece of fringe in the piece below but you didn’t even notice until I pointed it out right???)


Now, we gotta wrangle these wild guys. Use a yard stick to create an even line that follows the line of the triangle. Cut the fringe so that it’s all level. Repeat on other side.

DSC_6577 DSC_6588

Attach Triangle to Background Piece:

For this part, I split the plies of my Hometown USA yarn. I find that sewing with just one ply is far less visible, especially when working with a super bulky yarn.


Thread your Tapestry needle and tack the Triangle down to the Background piece at the corners and also in the middle. Remember, this will be hanging upright on the wall, so we don’t want a saggy triangle. Secure all tacking at the back with knots.

DSC_6564 DSC_6565 DSC_6570

Tassels: (Make 2)

Approx. 10 yards of Lion Brand Hometown USA (Honolulu Pink)



Cut a piece of yarn to about 12″. Drape the piece over your hand, as in photo below, so it runs from your wrist to the space between your ring and middle finger.


Now, grab the yarn from your skein (or stash) and begin wrapping the yarn around the widest part of your hand. Wrap around 20 times. Then, cut your yarn.

DSC_6602 DSC_6603

Now, grab the short 12″ length of yarn that we had secured between the ring and middle finger and using your free hand, tie it into a knot.

DSC_6605 DSC_6609

Remove from your hand and hold onto the knotted side of the tassel and carefully cut the other end with nice sharp scissors.

DSC_6610 DSC_6612 DSC_6613

To finish your tassel, grab more yarn from your skein (or stash) and wrap tightly around the tassel just a couple inches from the knot at the top. Wrap several times and then knot securely, cut yarn and pull the tail down through the wraps to hide it.






Now, grab the tassel ends to make them all even and trim the ends so they’re all the same length.

DSC_6630 DSC_6633

Assemble Wall Hanging:

24″ X 1/2″ Copper Piping (I purchased mine at Home Depot for $5.)

Approx. 10 yards of Lion Brand Wool-Ease (worsted)

Tapestry Needle



Find a nice flat, sturdy surface to do this on. Or, the floor. You’ll thank me later.


Lay the pipe down above the knitted piece. Thread your Tapestry needle with your Wool-Ease (worsted) and pull out about 4 feet from your skein (or stash), do NOT trim yarn. Beginning at the top middle of your knitted piece, *go under the pipe and then push your tapestry needle up from behind through the knitted piece. Then, draw the yarn up and over the pipe again and repeat from * across the pipe to the end of the right side of the knitted piece. Secure the yarn on the back with a knot. Trim yarn and weave in the tail.

DSC_6638 DSC_6641 DSC_6643 DSC_6647-2

Now, we’ll pick up our yarn at the middle (where we started wrapping around the pipe) and pull out another 4 feet of yarn. Cut the yarn this time. Thread it through your tapestry needle. This time, you’ll * bring the yarn up over the pipe to the front and insert your tapestry needle down through the knitted piece from front to back. Then, go behind the pipe and repeat from * all the way to the end of the left side of the knitted piece. Secure with a knot on the wrong side and weave in end, as with right side.

DSC_6653 DSC_6655 DSC_6657

Tie the top knotted piece of yarn of both tassels into a second knot, forming a large loop. Place a tassel on each end of the pipe.

DSC_6664 DSC_6665

Thread your Wool-Ease (worsted) through the tapestry needle and knot it to secure. Keep the yarn attached to the skein (or stash), do NOT cut yarn.


Being careful not to let the right end tassel fall off the pipe, drop the tapestry needle down into the left side of the pipe. Tilt the pipe to let gravity bring the needle down all the way through the pipe to the other end, on the right side of the pipe.

DSC_6667 DSC_6669

Now, pull the yarn through the pipe until you have around a yard sticking out of the right side of the pipe. Pull up another yard of yarn up on the left side of the pipe and cut yarn. At this point, you can lift the whole piece carefully to determine how much length of yarn you want before you tie a knot to secure it. I had around 24″ on each side just below my knot. This creates a more symmetrical triangle shape, in line with the copper pipe.


Hang your new Wall Hanging on the wall and ENJOY!


Here’s another knitted wall hanging that I made with a Navy colorway for my contrast color. Play with different colors and even different fibers. Use lighter weight yarn for a small wall hanging for decorating in a child’s room or nursery. Add little tufts of wool roving here and there, paint on some gold, shimmery paint, sew on some beads…mix it up! But most important, have fun.



Download your FREE pdf of this pattern below. There’s no copyright on this pattern so please feel free to share with friends and make these to sell at will. All that I ask in return is that you credit me as the Designer in all printed and online materials but also please leave a lovely comment on this post. I love hearing from you all and getting your great feedback. Also, take some time to look around the site and check out my other free patterns and fun tutorials.

Have fun creating and happy knitting!



Download (PDF, Unknown)

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  • Courtney L says:

    This pattern was exactly what I was looking for! Had so much fun making it and I love it. Thank you for sharing!

  • Amanda says:

    Made it. Love it! Love. It.

  • Estelle says:

    Love this wall hanging. You have inspired me to make one. I will probably used a fallen tree branch to hang it on instead of the copper pipe.

  • Pat Blake-Flum says:

    I love it! I know just where I want to put it. I’m wondering if I could truly use up my yarn stash and add yarn together for the weight of the Thick and Quick?

    • Kalurah says:

      That’s a really great idea, Pat! Maybe make up a swatch to match the gauge on the back of the Lion Brand Thick & Quick ball band. Like 5 or 6 strands of worsted weight or 3 or 4 strands of bulky, etc. I’d love to see how it turns out. Make sure to add your project to Ravery! 😉

  • Kristin says:

    I just finished this, in dark gray and yellow and it’s great!! I was looking for a fun wall decor project thank you so much for sharing!

  • Leslie D. says:

    SO clever! Love this! You are amazing and so generous. Thank you for sharing your patterns!

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