Spring is finally here!!! This is my favorite season, next to summer. It’s also a time when my knitwear business takes a back seat. I find myself putting my needles down and spending more time outdoors. But I still need that needle time at the end of the day. Fiber Therapy- I call it.  😉

One of my go-to projects for this time of year is anything that doesn’t involve Wool! Ha. Who wants to drape themselves with hot fibers in the warmer months? So, naturally this makes home decor and baby items a great choice. Speaking of baby items… I keep seeing lots of cute little baby patterns pop up in my Facebook and Pinterest feed. And it dawnned on me….I wrote up a draft for an adorable baby blanket that I knitted for my second cousin’s daughter and I completely forgot to post it! So here it is. And it includes a FREE pattern! Enjoy Lovelies.  🙂


Parsilette (July 18, 2014)

It seems as if this summer has welcomed more babies in my family than any other season. And there’s something about summer babies that makes me want to knit soft, fluffy blankies. The perfect little accessory to throw into the diaper bag for a quick last minute trip to visit relatives. You can spread it over yourself and baby for privacy at feeding (if you so wish), lay it out on the cold tile floor for baby to have tummy time or out on the grass in the shade at the park. It’s. just. perfect.

While I am not the biggest fan of Novelty yarns in the least. I have a long, torrid love affair with Chenille. I think I can trace it back to visits to my Grandmothers house where there were vintage chenille bedspreads on every bed and in all the linen closets. I wrapped myself up in the fluffiness and just felt….loved.


And now still, it harkens the same emotions, the same rush of memories. Thirty-blah-blah years later. I think that every little one should be welcomed into the world with the same… love and warmth.


The name for this sweet blanket came to me when I was gazing at the long, winding cable up the center of the Moss stitches. It made me think of Rapunzel’s beautiful, long braid trailing down the side of her tall tower.  But not your typical Disney- Rapunzel. I had the image of an old victorian era Princess with long, flowing hair and one loosely intertwined ribbon of locks gracefully falling down the side of a medieval tower. *sigh*

Parsilette is such a Princess. From a 17th Century French folklore that predates our beloved Brothers Grimm, “The Maiden in the Tower”.

Perhaps you could find a copy of this cherished classic to accompany your hand-knit blanket to give to the mother-to-be. What an adorable way to welcome a little Maiden into the world!

Parsilette is knit in a buttery soft Nylon Chenille yarn from Bernat. “Baby Blanket” is a Super Bulky weight, so whatever yarn you wish to use that will give you the same gauge will work great. This is a fairly dense gauge to accommodate the tight and spongy ply of the Chenille. So if you want a blanket that’s more open and has more movement, feel free to go up in needle size.

I’m offering the pattern for free, now and for always. This pattern has not been fully tech edited so if you do stumble upon any, please do contact me via the email address in the pattern pdf.


Download (PDF, Unknown)


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