This month I’m hosting my very FIRST Knit-Along on Craftsy. If you haven’t yet discovered Craftsy, you don’t know what you’re missing! It’s an incredible resource for just about everything Handmade. Sewing, quilting, drawing, painting, baking, crocheting and knitting. They feature patterns, videos and even supplies such as fabrics, yarn and kits.

For the months of December AND January I’ll be your Hostess with the Mostest for a KAL featuring my newest design, that is currently exclusive to Craftsy. The Alpine Holiday Scarf.


The pattern incorporates an intriguing stitch that, when worked in contrasting colors creates a beautiful little design that mimics the look of strenuous time spent working intarsia. When in fact, all you’re doing is simple striping.

The scarf also incorporates my absolute FAVORITE cast-on technique….the Tubular Cast On. As well as the Sewn Bind Off to mirror the beautiful tubular edge.


I also discuss how to work a Lifeline into your knitting, as well as introducing a new way of creating buttonholes. Really there are a LOT of special techniques in this Knit-Along and some of them may be ones that you’ve never tried before.


I’ve made a special Playlist on my Youtube channel that is specific to this pattern. And here is the link to the December KAL. I hope that you’ll join along and make one of these gorgeous scarves with us!


The yarn you’ll receive in your KAL is also important to note. Rowan’s Pure Wool Worsted is a lovely pure wool that is super warm and washes up beautifully. For the KAL you get to choose from 5 different colorways, all featuring one main color and two contrast colors.


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The KAL kit also includes two handmade Austrian Pine buttons. My father makes these in his wood shop. Hand cuts the branches, drills the holes, sands and protects them to make them water-proof. I think they’re beautiful don’t you? If you would like to purchase more buttons like these you can do so here.


I also want to add one more thing and it’s a Biggie! I’ve decided to publish this design with an “open license” which means you are welcome to make up as many of these as you wish and sell them for profit. I realize that anyone can make up any of my patterns and sell them all over the place. But I always ask nicely that knitters refrain from this, as these are my original designs and I do also make and sell them in my own boutique. However, for this pattern I wanted to make it available for all of you Crafters with a small handmade business. I hope you enjoy it!


Now, onto those videos for the Alpine Holiday pattern:




Since you’ll only be receiving this pattern via the KAL, any Errata on the pattern will be posted here on my Blog. Just click on the Errata tab.


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  • Sandra says:

    I need more buttons-I couldn’t find any on a connection that I found before-and now can’t find that connection. Does your dad still make/sell them?
    I did the knit along and have finished my second scarf

  • sally says:

    I know this is so last year, but believe it or not, I have been working on this project on and off for the past year; yes, other projects have been completed but this had more of learning curve than I realized…I finally think I have a grip on it’s lovely pattern, but do you have any advice on the tight tension problem I am having on the slip, knit 2tog, pass stitch? it is so tight that I have trouble doing the k2tog- I have found that I am an “English” knitter and you appear to be a “continental’ knitter, which has presented it’s own set of challenges for me-lol, but I really want to conquer this lovely scarf…any advise would be appreciated 😉

    • Kalurah says:

      I think just try and keep a nice loose tension when you purl the wrong side rows, that way when you do the k2tog, it will be a little easier. Also, try to use nice sharp tipped needles.

      I hope this helps!!! 🙂

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