French Market Tote

By April 21, 2014 No Comments

DSC_9783 Spring is in it’s full swagger here. We had 3 days last week of glorious sunshine and 70 degree weather then BAM!!! 2 solid days of clouds and rain. Ugh. The sun teased me yesterday morning only to disappear into the horizon along with the day. Since it’s nearly impossible to predict your outfit on such days, I’m finding my design process is also suffering from the same confusion. Hat? Tank Top? Scarf? Cardigan? Bikini? Parka?!!!! Ha. So, naturally the only logical thing to design at a time like this is something that is seasonless. A handbag. And this one is so useful as well! I love the little reusable grocery bags for fresh produce and what-have-you but man, are they drab. So boring and in no way fashionable. “Burlap just does nothing for my Ensemble!” Hehe. So this is the perfect pretty tote to pop your plain ‘ol reusable bag INTO! Completely hidden away. withcopyright When I was perusing Pinterest over the winter months I kept catching sight of these beautiful french blue totes from various Designers, none of which cost less than $150. Yikes! I knew after studying some of the construction and searching high and low through my crochet stitch books, I’d eventually find a way to make my own. And now you can too! I’ve written up the pattern AND charted the lace front and back panels. It is a very straight forward pattern however the joining of all the pieces was a bit tedious for me to try and explain. So I hope I explained it clearly enough. 🙂



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