Thai Coffee Coconut Ice Cream

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It’s been a while since I last posted. Especially anything food related. But Spring is in full-swing here in this tiny corner of the Pacific Northwest. And when the weather warms up and the sun fills the house with beams of joy, I HAVE to have a frosty, sweet treat. It’s just built in to me. Every. Day.

Not that I’m encouraging over-indulgence but I am of the school that you should never deprive yourself of what you LOVE. I allow myself these little sinful treats now and then and do so moderately. Otherwise I’d be hoarding a mountain of Ice Cream beneath a pile of laundry somewhere. 🙂

Now, as far as the Non-Dairy thing…..I discovered quite to my dismay over a year and a half ago that I could no longer tolerate Dairy. ESPECIALLY milk! It was a sad revelation to this Ice Cream love’n heart but it’s forced me to think on my feet and experiment and create lots of new and yummy recipes sans the moo-milk.

This recipe came from endless searches on Pinterest to find the PERFECT non-dairy ice cream that suits my coffee loving taste buds. I omitted ingredients here and added ingredients there and finally found my Adonis!

This recipe is for an Ice Cream Maker. I haven’t made it any other way but I would not recommend it as a no-churn recipe. The churning REALLY adds creaminess and cuts through any graininess. And speaking of graininess, do NOT skip the Vodka in this recipe. It’s critical if you want a nice, soft ice cream that doesn;t turn into a solid brick in the freezer. Okay, let’s begin….

Thai Coffee Coconut Ice Cream Recipe- Non-Dairy
(Makes 12 Half Cup servings)

Over medium heat, whisk until sugar is dissolved:
(1) 13.5 oz Can of Coconut Milk (Full fat)
1/3 Raw Sugar

Remove from heat and whisk in:
(1) 13.5 oz Can of Coconut Milk (Full fat)
6 oz of Espresso (or very strong coffee)
2 TB Local Honey
1 1/2 tsp Vanilla
1 TB Whipped Cream flavored Vodka (This is a MUST! Without it your ice cream will be too hard! Don’t worry, no one ever got drunk off of 1/4 tsp of vodka!)
1/8 tsp ea. of Ground Ginger, Ground Cloves & Ground Nutmeg
1/4 tsp Ground Cinnamon

Pour into a glass bowl or container and cover with a lid. (Approx. 5 cups)

Refrigerate overnight or at least 8 hrs. I chilled mine for 12.

Remove from fridge, mixture will have separated. No worries! Whisk briefly and pour into pre-froze Ice Cream bowl and churn for 20 mins. (Or until you hear your machine cry out in pain due to the thickness of your delectable treat!)

Scrape into a 6 Cup capacity lidded airtight container and keep in freezer until you’re ready to serve. Will be nice and scoopable after 8 hrs and will remain soft and creamy. ENJOY!!!

Please, let me know what you think...