Thistledown Gloves

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With the deep chill setting in all over the country practically, it seemed fitting to finally write up the pattern for my newest glove design. Way back when, I made a pattern for a hat called Thistledown. Soft, smooshy, pretty stitches that mimic tiny thistledown.


I feel in love with the hat and I get a lot of requests for them but right before Christmas I had someone request a pair of warm gloves to match the hat. The game was ON! I had to figure out a way to use that same stitch but on only the front part of the hand, so the rest of the glove could remain clean and smooth. I finally came up with a satisfying (and purdy) solution.


I’ve knit this pattern up in nice squishy, lofty “worsted” weight yarn and also in lighter, more flat fibers such as Baby Alpaca, also in a “worsted” weight. The result will get you two totally different fabrics in the end. Plumper (if you will) worsted weights will result in a more dense and thick, warm fabric. While the smoother, lighter worsted fibers will result in a more lightweight and thinner fabric.

I personally prefer the denser, thicker fabric when it comes to a nice warm winter glove. Either way, you have a pretty glove that’s both functional and stylish. Plus, you can pair it with the Thistledown Hat and have a complete Ensemble.


As always, I’ll be sharing this pattern as a FREEBIE while it gets tested. I’ve knitted from my pattern notes twice on two different pairs of gloves, so I am hopeful that there won’t be TOO many errors. Please feel free to let me know if you stumble upon any while knitting your gloves. My email address is on the pattern.

To celebrate this pattern launch, I’m offering my Thistledown Hat pattern for just 99 cents. NO code required! Yay. Just purchase and enjoy. And of course, knit yourself a pair of the gloves to go with it.  🙂


Stay warm and toasty my fellow knitters!



Purchase on Ravelry: Thistledown Hat Pattern

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