The Woodcutter’s Daughter

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One of my fondest childhood memories is of when I would follow my dad out into his Shop. He always had a project going. A side table, a picture frame for one his oil paintings or my most favorite project….his Hover Craft.

Big or small, he would work for hours on end until his project was complete. Day or night, summer or winter. For some reason it’s the cold nights I remember the most. Tip toeing outside in my PJs, bringing him a mug of coffee from inside. The cold, hard concrete biting my bare feet and the tickling sawdust dancing through my little toes.

It was a place I spent a lot of time in. And a a lot of cherished memories were created in that shop with my dad. His old 8 tracks echoing over us while I handed tools to him and climbing in and out and under and over all of the piles of wood and dust.

Even the smell brings me back. The sawdust and the cold concrete.


When I was designing these cozy little Slipper socks, I kept reminiscing to those days way back. I could almost hear the music through the sound of my clicking needles. I could almost smell the sawdust as I watched the wool fibers fly into the air.

All I could think was how my little feet would have loved to have these warm, scrumptious socks on them for all those chilly nights in the shop with my dad. And so The Woodcutter’s Daughter was born.


The Woodcutter’s Daughter is knit in the round, from the toe up. It’s a Tube Sock so there is no heel to turn, no gussets to make. The pretty Cable pattern that runs up the center of the socks creates a natural “shaping” to the sock. The cable twists occur at the ankle to help shape the foot and then the proceeding cable twists help further shape the calf. These would also be adorable with suede or felt soles sewn to the bottoms.

Each sock only takes a few hours to complete, making this the perfect lazy weekend project. I charted both socks as they have mirroring cables. The pattern is both written and charted.


The pattern is written for an average sized Teen/Adult foot. Size US 6-10. The pattern is easily adaptable for larger or smaller leg circumference but you’ll need to do a gauge swatch and a little bit of math before casting on. Feel free to email me if you want a little help figuring this out.  🙂

I hope you enjoy the pattern and that it triggers special and happy memories of your very own that bring warmth to your heart.


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