This season has just been brimmed with a steady flow of orders and requests. I love racking my brain and pushing the creative envelope when someone asks me to recreate a knitted piece that they love.

Tamarack is one of those designs. A fluffy slouch beanie with cool 9-stitch cables that give a braided effect up the length of the hat. After shooting the hat I looked through the photos and it occurred to me how much they reminded me of those grand trees that line the snow saturated hills on your drive through the mountains on your way to your favorite Sledding spot!

They also make me think back to one of the scariest Skiing slopes that I braved (only once, mind you)  as a child. The twist and turns of the Tamarack Trail. *Ooh, sends chills down my spine.* But good chills!


Tamarack is a pretty quick and simple knit. It only requires around 110 yards of Aran OR Heavy Worsted weight yarn. The Cable repeat is also charted in the pattern.

The brim is super stretchy so this pattern is versatile, great for teens, adults AND those with larger size heads. For a child, I would just recommend a worsted weight yarn on size #6 and #9 needles. But you can always knit up a quick gauge swatch to figure out your exact circumference. You’d also want to work less cable pattern repeats for a shorter hat.



Since this is a design that I created based on a photo of a beanie that someone found online, I’m sharing it as a FREE pattern. You’re welcome to share the pattern with others and make and sell the finished beanies to your hearts content. I just ask that you credit me as the Designer in any online listing info.

I just wrote this up this weekend, so do let me know if you run into any errors or have any questions. Contact me via Ravelry or the email address on the first page of the pattern.

Have a safe, happy and “clicky” weekend all!

Download (PDF, Unknown)


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