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While perusing the adorable crochet hats on Pinterest the other day, I kept seeing those Trapper Hats with the fun Pom Poms and tassels. It occurred to me that I’ve never designed anything with Pom Poms. Well, that ends now. DSC_7864

The hat design that I had trapped inside my head came from dreams of fluffy white Snowballs. When I was a little girl my dad would pile up giant snowballs and form them into an Igloo for us kiddos to play inside of.

This hat would be perfect for those fun-filled snow days. With Winter Break just around the corner, why not whip up one or more of these for your red-nosed Littles to wear outside while making their own Igloos. And while you’re at it, make yourself one! This pattern is easily adjustable for size. It will fit from a size 18″ up to around 24″. Lots of stretch.

DSC_7861-2The Supply list for this project is short and sweet. All you will need is about 120 yards of Aran weight yarn and a J Hook. Just add tassels, pom-poms and a nice cup of hot cocoa….and maybe a few Marshmallows for good measure.  😉


I just put this pattern together this last week so it is yet to be tested but that’s what I have all of you lovely Crafters for!

I’ll make the pattern available for FREE for a limited time while all the kinks are getting worked out. Until then, please make up as many as you like, download the pdf, print and share. Just let me know if you find any of those pesky little “bugs” while working up the pattern. Contact me via email or my contact form on the Blog.


I’ve also made up a couple of handy little visual tutorials for both the tassels and the pom-poms. They’re easy to follow and you can “Pin” them to access quickly later on when working up your other projects.

I hope you all enjoy this hat and please leave a comment to let me know who you’ll be making your Snowbelle hat for!

Tassel Tutorial

Pom-Pom Tutorial

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