D. I. Wise: Making Your Own Tassels

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A Visual Tutorial for adding Tassels to your Knit and Crochet Hats and Hoods.

Step 1)  Measure 3 lengths of yarn to approximately 18″ each and cut.

Step 2)  Pull all 3 lengths of yarn through the center most edge of your garment, so that 3 strands are coming out of the RS of the garment and the other half of the 3 strands are coming out of the WS of the garment.

Step 3)  Using 1 half of each folded strand, braid the yarn tails down for as long as you would like your braids.

Step 4)  Secure the braid with a knot and then trim about 1” from knot(d). Repeat on other side of garment.

Tassel Tutorial

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