D. I. Wise: Make Your Own Pom Poms…

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I just finished crocheting an adorable Trapper Hat with those cute fluffy little Pom Poms on the top and on the ends of the Tassels.

Pom Poms are probably one the first things I learned how to make. Out of necessity. There are all kinds of Pom Pom “Makers” out there. But if you’re like me these types of handy gadgets just grow legs and walk away within a couple days of buying them. Not to mention you can end up dumping more $ into them every time you turn around and buy another when your last one goes Walkabout.

I’ve made these on my fingers, on cardboard and this way…on a Dinner Fork. You can change the diminsion of your Pom Poms by the Fork size AND the number of times you wrap the yarn around the fork.

For a tiny Pom Pom, for say a pair of little Bobby Socks, I wrap only about 50 times around. For a nice big Pom Pom, say for on top of a Winter Hat, I wrap about 100 times or more. And if you have a nice big Salad Fork, that works even better for the Big Pom Poms.

Make Your Own Pom Poms:

Step 1)  Cut a length of yarn about 12″. Place it in the center of the Fork Tines. This is the tail you will use to secure your Pom Pom later.

Step 2)  Begin wrapping your yarn around the Fork, (Being careful not to cover the length of 12″ yarn.) For a SMALL Pom Pom, wrap about 40-50 times around. For a LARGE Pom Pom, wrap around about 100 or more times.

Step 3)   Lay the Fork down and cut your working yarn.

Step 4)  Grab both sides of the length of 12″ yarn and tie a knot over the wrapped fork, tying as tight as possible.

Step 5)  Slip the Pom Pom off of the Fork and slide a sharp pair of Scissors through all the loops on one side of the tied Knot and snip!

Step 6)  Repeat on other set of loops.

Step 7)  Rub the Pom Pom in between the palms of your hands to fluff it up and snip off any uneven ends.

Step)  Use the knotted 12″ yarn tails to secure to whatever project you desire.


Pom Pom Tutorial


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