W.I.P. it good…

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As my busy season for the shop winds down, I find myself still wanting to knit. Of course. Look who we’re taking about here.

Over the past month or so, I’ve been working

on a few new designs. So there will be some fun photos and posts about those coming soon.

However, I also have been craving a little something for myself. Often Knitters are the last ones on their own list of people they knit for. And I’m no exception to that rule.

Most of last year, I kept seeing cute little “Boyfriend Cardigan”s popping up everywhere. The casual, roomy, longer than to-the-waist variety of cardigan that is just effortless. Throw it on over a tank top and jeans. Wear it with tall a$$-kicker boots or just a pair of flip flops.

If you know me well, you know that my internal thermostat longs for a temperature likened to that of the warm tropics. Or that of a marshmallow toasting over an open fire. So I am totally a cardigan girl. I think I own at least 20 of them. And I don’t mean the wimpy fine gauge cotton things you can read the newspaper through. The heavy, sturdy, keep-me-as-warm-as-humanly-possible type of cardigan.

So I spent almost my entire busy season perusing Pinterest (uh, hello. I love that site! There will be an entire post devoted to it later on.) and Ravelry. If you Knitters and Crocheters out there don’t already know what Ravelry is, let me know because it will blow your mind and rock your world to its very core. But I digress.

So, back to my unnatural desire need for the perfect seasonal layering piece of knitwear…
After looking high and low, I finally settled on two cardigans that meet my high personal standards when it comes to ease of knitting, weight of yarn and simple-but-won’t-bore-me-to-tears construction.

I am in love with this cardigan design. I like chunky knits but this one just seems so sleek and elegant. Not messy, like many chunky knits can be. And those pockets!!!! *swoon*

But with the seasons changing and spring being just around the bend, I found the Rocky Coast Cardigan.


In love again. Sorry Friida. You’ll have to wait until late fall.

This cardigan meets with all the criteria…the perfect weight of fabric, pretty cable pattern to keep my interest, hits-below-the-waist and, HELLO!!!! It is gorgeous! As far as the blinding lack of pockets, I’ll either have to live without them (Pft! Yeah right.) or I’ll just add some on at the end, if yarn allows.

As for yarn… I actually pulled away from my snooty yarn ways for this one. I find it difficult to splurge on myself at times. It’s habit. I’m a mom, it’s what we are born to do. Put yourself last.


I went with a sturdy but soft pure cotton in a pretty cream. The normal fare when we’re talking about spring wardrobe pieces. But the main reason I went with this Plain-Jane pallet is so I can hand dye it later if the mood strikes me. Imagine it in a soft, muted lilac colour.

Oh my….my heart just skipped a beat.


Please, let me know what you think...