Tutorial: Sewing Buttons onto Crochet Garments….

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It goes without saying….adding buttons to your crocheted garments gives them the finishing touch. A simple piece of work can instantly come to life with the addition of a few adorable buttons!

I like using vintage buttons best. If you have a local thrift store or even an antique store, you’ll find buttons are actually cheaper there than at your run-of-the-mill fabric supply venue.

When it comes to crocheted garments, as opposed to knit ones, you’ll find that there is alot more bulk to get in the way when it comes down to the business of adding buttons to the equation.

Alot of pulling, tugging and stretching of the garment when you button and un-button leads to a misshapen garment in no time flat.

This tutorial will show you the easiest way to add buttons to your piece and keep it in it’s best shape possible.

Tutorial: Button down the hatches!
Sewing needle
Same number of safety pins as you have buttons.

Step 1: Mark your button placements with safety pins. Push the pin down at the bottom of the button hole and bring the pin back up at the top of the button hole.

Step 2: Unbutton. Leave safety pins in place.

Step 3: The safety pin acts as a guide for your sewing needle. As you sew on the button, be sure to sew over the safety pin as well. This adds just enough slack in the thread after the button has been sewn on and the pin has been removed (find more sewing tips on Maria’s website).

Pay careful attention NOT to remove the saftey pins until AFTER you’ve finished sewing on the buttons and you’ve already tied off the thread.

Step 4: Knot the thread and trim. (If you prefer, you can weave both ends of thread into the garment until they disappear.)

Step 5: NOW, remove the safety pins.

Enjoy the fruitage of your (extremely easy) labor and rest assured, those pretty buttons aren’t going anywhere!

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